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Helping people to develop the skills they need for a changing world.

A vibrant Internet is critical for businesses and organisations in Africa. Google is committed to making the Internet more helpful. Since opening our first office in Africa in 2007, we have been collaborating with partners so that everyone can benefit – through our products and initiatives.

On 6 October 2021, Google announced a plan to invest $1B over 5 years to support Africa’s digital transformation. The investment focuses on enabling fast, affordable Internet access for more Africans; building helpful products; supporting entrepreneurship and small business; and helping nonprofits to improve lives across Africa.

Grow with Google is a programme that helps people to grow their digital skills, careers or businesses using technology. We've helped to train millions of people across Africa, working with governments and industry experts to develop tools and training tailored to the needs of local communities. We believe that by working together we can help our communities prepare for the future, adapt to changing landscapes and build stronger digital economies

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